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Scope your projects with ease powered by AI helps you remember everything in scoping your project, whether it's for your client or in-house.


We help you grow your business

We often see in the consultancy industry that projects are delayed or badly scoped because of misunderstandings, is the end to that.

We help you to be clear with your clients from the beginning, no bad surprises in the middle of a project. We behind have a lot of experience from the consultancy industry which is why we chose to develop

Safety first

You're in a secure company

We work so much with data, and privacy is number one for us. Your data stays save with us, with every connection and data point encrypted.

Real time activity

Get instant insight on what's happening in your business

Impossible encryption

We use the most high-end secure encryption for all of our data.

We strive to make better every day

We're pulling anonymous data from multiple places to make sure we deliver the best result to you, as a user of










We have taken something so complex, and made it so simple for you to use.

Powerful engine

It's important to crunch a lot of data in no time, which needs a very powerful engine.


We offer live chat support, so you always get the answer your're searching for fast.

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  • Scoping projects

    Our powerful AI-engine is the end of forgetting tasks or scoping projects wrong. Based on a ton of data, it will help you scope your projects.

  • Project management

    Other than being sublime in the initial phase of scoping the project, has an outstanding project management to help you get an overview.

  • Advanced Reporting

    It's always important for all parts of a company to be aligned, so to safe time for project managers, we have advanced reporting to help in that area.


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Not sure how can help your business? Wonder why you need to use

Here are the answers to some of the most common questions we hear from our appreciated customers use a sofisticated AI assistant to help scope your projects. How many times have you been in a situation where you got a project, tried to scope it, and 2 weeks in your client come and say to you, "I thought it was a part of the price, can you just make it?"... is the end to that.
We have a livechat on the platform where we typically replies few minutes after your message, but depending on your time zone we might reply within hours after your message is sent. You will not experience us being slower than 24 hours.
There are no limit, you can have as many users as you want, as long as you have the business plan. The free plan only supports having one user.
Definitely Yes, you can contact us to let us know your needs. If your suggestion represents any value to both we can include it as a part of the platform. Please note it could take some time in order for the feature to be implemented.

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We're working hard every day to give you the best experience of, which is why we are also working on making mobile apps for you. It's important for us to be available on all platforms possible.

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